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Update 3/17/2015
REMINDER: Our Online Business Banking system will undergo a significant upgrade on March 25.

We are pleased to share that Online Business Banking Customers will NOT experience a service interruption during this transition.
All ACH, Wire Transfers, and EFT requests submitted before and after the upgrade will be processed as usual and on-time.
Online Business Banking customers will gain access to the upgraded system mid-morning on Wednesday, March 25. Visit our website,, to log in.

We do anticipate a communication interruption with Quick Books and will provide more details in future notifications.

If you have questions or need clarification, please contact us by calling 866-602-3762 or e-mailing We look forward to adding value to your business for years to come and appreciate your patience as we upgrade our systems to serve you better.

Previous Post:
Basic functionality will remain much the same, but you’ll notice a few changes related to your login and to procedures for initiating ACH Files, Wire Transfers and EFT Electronic Tax Payments.

A basic overview of the upcoming changes is included below and a First Southern Team Member will be in contact with you in the next few days to provide additional details and support.

March 25 – Upcoming Changes
- The Business Banking Login link will no longer be used. Users will login to their accounts using the Online Banking login box at
- Login credentials & procedures will be updated. We’ll have plenty of resources available and will be happy to walk you through this process.
- ACH, Wire Transfers and Electronic Tax Payments will no longer require a physical “security token” for approval. Token users will be prompted to create alternative methods of receiving the security code. Codes can be obtained via text messaging, voice call or push notifications through an accompanying mobile app.